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Test Pipes Installed! No CEL? :D

Hey guys, I just got my Turner Test Pipes installed yesterday and dear LORD I love my car again. My setup is Gintani Race axleback, Turner Test Pipes (primary cat delete) and res delete.

First off, the noise this car makes is incredible. My friends say it sounds like a racecar and I agree! I feel ALOT more power throughout the power band, alot more torquier, quicker and pulls harder than ever. It still isn't as loud as I want it to be but I'm cool with staying at this volume for now lol. It smells like its supposed to smell, like a cat delete. I get a strong stench of it every time I come to a stop but it doesnt bother me.

Anyway, I put about 100 miles on my car with the pipes, and I have no check engine light. Does this mean that I do not need a tune or an 02 sensor to take care of it? Or is it going to come on later in time.