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98% of the time, it's my M3 with winter tires. Now when we get 5"+ stuck on the road, I swap over to my ancient '80 Scout II (without a top mind you). For the most part, as long as you are in the metro area, the roads are clear fairly rapidly.

Keep in mind I've grown up here... I drove my old '90 300zx Twin-turbo on summer tires for six years laughing at the SUV crowd who believe you "need" 4wd. So the M3 with traction control and winter tires is 'dreamy' in the snow. Not as good as my Saab or wife's MDX, but easily dealt with. Even during the winter, I was driving the M3 over Loveland Pass / Soda Lake to get to Breckenridge for a project. Ditto with a Aspen job. Just learn to drive to the conditions instead of relying on tech.