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Originally Posted by 401FlaGATOR View Post
A new American is rising one who votes on the basis of:

1) Free contraceptives. Free Abortions. To get the single female vote.
2) unfettered illegal immigration from Mexico. to get the Latino vote.
3) free tax money to the Unions and auto bailout to Ohio. To get the Union vote.
4) The young, the naive, and the brainwashed, they don't need anything given to them, the easiest to control. Good luck getting a job in this economy in the next 4 years as you graduate from college.
5) Obamaphones and welfare. to get the lazy vote.

The rest of us who spend most of their time getting truly informed can pound sand while the rest watch "The View" and "Jon Stewart" for all the important issues.

From here on in I predict nothing but Dem victories here on out.. The demographics are changing to favor the Democratic party.

One Party Rule will forever change America beyond anything we could have imagined just a few short years ago.

Prepare for decline Americans. This is just the beginning.

It is ashame a good, decent, man as Romney could have restored our great society but was drowned out by the fools.

This country has begun on the path to decline, when 51% of the country is on the take socialism wins out 99% of the time.
Agreed. It is a pathetic and disgraceful outcome. This is what happens when you offer free stuff to everyone. Sad thing is, the folks who voted, again, for Obama are too ignorant to understand that nothing is free. They believe all the lies and B.S. he and his liberal cronies spew from their pathetic ideological mouths. And they absolutely know and count on the folks being gullable enough to believe it. This is how they win the majority vote, keep themselves in office, perpetuate their ideolgy and get ever closer to accomplishing their end game of full Government rule over the folks. You call this freedom?

What is it about how we aquired a 16 trillion dollar debt and 1.3 trillion dollar budget deficit that is so difficult to understand? Add to this, staring everyone directly between the eyes, is bankrupt Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. Hmmm, wonder how they ended up in financial and economic straits? Further, in the U.S. we've got bankrupt California, Nevada, Michigan. It isn't a coincidence that these are states run by Democrats.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that the cost of entitlement programs and Union driven excessive salaries/retirement pensions have to be funded. What's worse is that Obama and the democrats have ignorant voters believing that raising taxes on those who work the hardest will resolve the issue. What a joke! You could take all the money from the top 1 percenters and it wouldn't be enough to cover the cost of running our government for 6 months! As if raising taxes would really put a dent in our 16 trillion dollar debt obligation!

And so it goes, our debt will continue to rise until we end up like Greece. Ask yourself why the citizens in Greece are rioting in the streets and fighting against their own government. It is because there is no one left to tax to fund their government entitlement programs. Everyone is on the dole. Duh! Now the government has to implement austerity measures to survive. The people are addicted to free stuff and now the government wants to cut back on the free stuff and the folks are pissed.

Get it?

Obama and the left have ignorant voters believing that half our country is unable to get off their lazy ass and make a living! What a freakin' joke! They have ignorant voters believing that conservatives are bad people because they don't want to help out by paying more in taxes. Really? Helping the helpless is a given and we all are obligated to do so through taxation. However, helping the lazy is a much different story.

Obama has ignorant voters believing that to be successful in America should be quick, easy and without failure.

In the meantime, Obama wants to let the Bush tax cuts expire, raise income taxes and capital gains taxes on investments.

What do you think this is going to do to our anemic economic recovery?

There is a reason why we have been the most powerful nation in the world. There is a reason why people, from all over the world, want to come to America to achieve their dreams.

Unfortunately, this opportunity is quickly eroding as we are becoming ever more like the countries that immigrants leave because they didn't otherwise have the same freedoms and opportunites from where they are coming from.

What does Life, Liberty, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness mean to you?

Name any other country, in the history of the world, that has ever thrived and still exists today on Socialism. Just one.

I'll end by quoting Margaret Thatcher: "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money".

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