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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
If the 2nd attempt is going better than the 1st, congratulations. Pushing the envelope with R&D for the S65 is never a bad thing + the community will benefit from him "going where no owner's gone before."

And not to challenge you, but is there any evidence that his car's running & that his RD Stroker has the increased performance to justify the price tag? Last update I see on his personal blog about the engine is from June 2010, and that was before it went in to get a new clutch.

**Have 2 photos, since I'm just coming off a ban I can't upload attachments
His car is being put together as far as I know , does the price tag justify ..... I would say no & all you'll get is a unique build with bragging rights ...
I myself was going to consider a 4.4l or 4.6 LC build but when I crunched the numbers I said to myself " fuck that not worth it" ... I would rather wait and tinker with the New M3 platform.....

But hey to each his own and it will be interesting to see the outcome