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Originally Posted by FLOSS M View Post
725 bank fee, tax on bank fee, tax on incentives , tax on 36 payments, dmv/doc fee 172.50, first month 710.43 = a little less than 4300

run the numbers through any lease calculator to figure out what I paid for the car

it works out to be invoice - 3550

Okay, I'll spill the beans. I have a professional lease calculator, not some rinky dinky online calulator from Edmunds or KBB. You live in NJ? I ran your car of $75,845, invoice is roughly $70,500. In order for your dealer to be at $710 a month with JUST your $4,300 out of your pocket, your dealer would have to sell the car for about $1,500 BELOW invoice (about $69,000 selling price) and that is using the $1,500 Holiday Credit and $750 Loyalty (which BTW is NOT taken off the selling price of the car but rather integrated in to the lease). The $300 BMW Ultimate Drive App is just deducted from whatever you owe at signing so instead of $4,300, you'll just owe $4,000.

If this is your exact deal, take it and run (or drive) as fast as you can because you just stole this car.

I really hope you did get this deal, but something doesn't sound right...