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Originally Posted by M3SQRD View Post
I have a set of R40 and R43 wheels.

Richard is correct, HRE can manufacture the R4x wheels to pretty much any offset you want within the range of widths they offer.

The wheels work, and look, fine with stock brakes.

Are you interested in running a square or staggered setup? Biggest advantage to a square setup is it gives you the ability to rotate/move wheels front to rear. However, with some aftermarket suspensions a 10"et25 wheel might rub with a 265/275 tire on the front suspension, spring or lower spring seat/collar. Because of the suspension I was running I had to go with a 9.5"et23 F wheel so I'm running 9.5/10 staggered setups.
Is there a list of what suspensions rub? I have KW Clubsport and just got some 18x10 et25 but haven't tried them yet.