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Undergrad in marine engineering operations.(uscg license and degree when I graduated from college) I have never had any trouble finding work but, I also don't work a typical 8-5 work schedule.
Work for one of the biggest deep water drilling companies down in the Gulf of Mexico.
Very few people even have engineering degrees aside from the Chevron upper level management positions. Even the "subsea engineers don't have any engineering degree at all, they are just called engineers. Not a bad job for high school education, making 200-300k+ for 6 months work a year.
There are a few recent hires who have-mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering degrees and were smart enough to get accepted into an advanced development program. When they are finished, they'll be 26 yrs old making 150-200k. Not bad for a 4 year degree.
I should have gone back to school for an mba but, online classes are my only option due to work schedule.
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