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Originally Posted by 1SICKM View Post
Fill up in NJ??? Good luck finding 93 and getting gas in NJ without waiting. Don't forget we are on odd/even plate system. Would love to go but I can't get super anywhere and my baby is on empty so she will stay covered in the garage! Us ESS boys can't run anything but 93
This is not true my friend. I've pumped at 3 different stations total all over NJ the day before yesterday and today also and all had 93... I suggest any of the gas stations along the garden state parkway or route 4... thats where i pumped and no lines for any of them. ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD i have custom plates with all letters (considered odd numbered) and today was the 8th and tuesday was the 6th and not once did i get any BS from anyone pumping.... Maybe since there were no lines i guess they werent hassling anyone at the gas stations i went to.

You may also go on google maps and find all the gas stations within your area and call them one by one and ask them what their line/gas status is and you should be straight...

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Is this meet still on ?