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Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
I agreed with everything you said but this. however, I am not in the fortunate position that you are of being able to afford a 458, so perhaps I would look at the world differently if I were in your shoes.

Ferrari's and the like are definitely a lifestyle choice - it's certainly not about performance. I would care less about the looks/attention you would get while driving it (who cares about the opinion of strangers) than the reputation you would develop among people who know you (though not everyone - some are good enough not to judge). with the forsaken economy that the people who supported Obama have burdened us with, I would feel like a self-indulgent jackass buying a $300k sports car.

in any case, great post.
I know what you mean. I don't even drive my M3 to work. People already see me in my Cayenne GTS. No need to have them see me in an M3 also.

I guess part of it for me is that I didn't come from from money, nor has it come easily to me. It has been hard earned, so although I can afford certain things, I always look for value, to a certain degree anyway
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