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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
So my question to you is, what is your next car after the M3? 5-10 years down the road.
I honestly don't know. Here are my requirements:

1. Balanced dynamic performance in all its aspects
2. A feast for the senses... looks, sound, ergonomics, etc
3. Reasonably exclusive
4. Comfortable for medium length drives
5. Some degree of utility

These last two really reflect how I use the car. I need something that is fun but that I can take to our vacation home on the coast which is just over two hours away. There have been times when the trunk of my M3 is full and I think to myself that I am glad I have the space so I can enjoy my fun car on my fun weekend getaway. Again, if this were a Gallardo, it would sit in the garage all weekend while I was away frolicking at the coast, wishing that I had my Gallardo!!! The 2 hour drive to the coast for me is pure driving bliss, and yet if my fun car were an exotic, it would likely have to remain tucked away.

Again, my point is that the real opportunities for driving exotics are so limited that I am questioning the worth of it.

I am thinking of 4 possible cars based on what is out right now to replace the M3 in a couple of years (other than possibly another M3)

1. AM Vantage
2. 991 4S
3. Panamera GTS
4. M6

But again....I still question whether the driving experience is going to be much better. And a car that will give me a significantly better driving experience is much less drivable in real life.
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