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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
While you may honestly believe voting Republican is more beneficial to African Americans and other minorities, telling them they are not smart for not doing so is offensive and patronizing.
Sorry if you thought my message was that "minorities are not smart if they dont vote Republican." Not what I am trying to say. What I hoped to convey is that minorities who dont make thoughtful life choices that would ultimately serve their own best interests are not smart, and if more of them were to start making such choices, interestingly enough they may find that they will end up in a place where the Republican platform will serve their needs better.

If someone has poor career prospects because they have little education, and a few kids to feed (just like their parents did, which is why they dont have any education), then Republicans are not the party for them, for sure. If you find yourself in that hole, you could say that the smart thing is to vote Democrat. But, and even smarter thing to do is to take steps to keep yourself out of that hole in the first place. Yes, there is a lot outside of your control, but having more dependant children than college credits by the time you are 22 is not a good idea, and that is entirely within your control.

I dont believe that voting Republican is necessarily more beneficial to minorites in and of itself. I do think that encouraging them to get to a point where they are "successful" (that's a loaded word I know), is beneficial to everyone in the country, especially those who depend on the tax dollars to fund their entitlements. A party which promises to continue to extend the safety net may not encourage them to take the needed steps to get there.