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Originally Posted by IL8Apex View Post
Moving to CA? Don't do it. The state is broke, our taxes just increased with the recent election, and the welfare state just gets worse. I'm leaving within the next year.

But I digress. The tracks in NorCal just don't compare to what's available in the Midwest or in your case Toronto. Laguna is decent, Infineon is alright, Thunderhill is very average. That's pretty much all you got around here.

Compared to what's available around you, and I've done them all, there is no comparison. Mid-Ohio is world-class. My favorite track in the US is Road America, which is still fairly accessible to you. Watkins and Mosport are both better than Infineon in my opinion. Even Gingerman in MI is quite charming.

Hope this helps.
Even though it's a very informative summary, It does not help at all . I am not that eager to move, but I will likely have to, for work.

I'm fine with driving to So Cal or even Nevada - anything interesting there? If not, that's definitely a business opportunity.