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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
I get what you are saying but I think you missed what Garduna meant. The reason Chael was offered this fight was to bring up the TUF ratings, not because he talked his way into it. Now you can argue the reason Chael will bring up the TUF rating is due to his talking but you get the point.

If TUF ratings were still what they were on Spike, then there is nothing Chael could say to get this fight
Right. I guess we are saying the same thing but differently. At the end of the TUF coaching stint comes .... a title shot at the 205 lb belt.

I haven't watched TUF in years, I might have to catch an episode or two of this circus.

The only reason I'm not angry about thisis that Jones has literally cleared out his division so it's not like we're all sitting around saying "aww man, Jones can't fight xyz for 16 months now because of this"