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When I think of cutouts I think of something different than a valuetronic exhaust. When I used to run "cutouts" it was a pipe that came off the piping connected after the header before the cats. That's where the caps could be taken on and off. These valuetronic exhaust systems have the values after the cats before the mufflers. Do you follow me?

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News flash, valvetronic has cutouts that open/close. So how do you like your valvetronic? What brand do you have or did you have a custom setup made?

OP, I have briefly ran with no catback and the S65 sounds exotically amazing above 4k, however, there is drone below that. And you're letting the exhaust gas heat build up in a pocket right below the center of the car - which is why it was a brief "experiment". The sound was addictive though, I'm contemplating the same thing.