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Originally Posted by Cyclone Chris View Post
Yea. I had an LS2 Pontiac GTO with a Corsa Sport Exhaust. When I moved to the UK, I had the police called on me by some neighbor because my car was too loud. After the police did a sound test, I was about 35 DBM over, so I had to get 2 extra mufflers installed and go from 3" pipes down to 1.5". That poor 6 litre motor couldn't even breath. I loved that sound.
luckily no problems over here in the U.S. I am lucky because I am very connected to where I live so I know alot of LE and have alot of LE on the job so in the event someone does try to give me a hard time once they find out they know my family members they laugh it off... (no I dont take advantage of that and behave stupidly on the street)