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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
I'm really starting to like the new boxster, although it's a taking a bit to sink in as the predecessor was "a hairdressers car".

I'm wondering if it's performance would beat the e93 ... I'm thinking it would especially with ceramic brakes and a Ti exhaust ... and that would be pre-tune ...

And there is a bit of legacy there given that the original boxster saved Porsche from bankruptcy ...

Given all of the M3 piggy-sizing and "m performance" crap going on, a p-car boxster could definitely be my next car (if optioned out the wazoo including the c-brakes) ...

Boxster S will be MUCH faster on a track and have a little bit of an advantage in a straight though its close.

Who cares if i saved Porsche from bankruptcy? It is the best handling roadster in the cant buy a better two seat roadster, especially for the price.