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LOL at the guys sating buy an Akra.. Guy comes here asking about cutouts and the sheep say buy an uber expensive exhaust that doesn't even sound great.

Anyways, OP the cutouts will essentially sound like the ACM exhaust mod (for reference so you can get an idea on the sound). that being said, you'll need the 2 electric cutouts and I would advise a shop weld some turn downs on them as they will most def exit under the car and you don't want the exhaust fumes sitting there or permeating the cabin. Now a good set of cutouts and the labor to install is gonna be several hundred dollars. If you want to maintain OEM sound w/ option of it being loud at the flick of a switch, that's a good route. But for proably the same money you can pick up a Megan or Ebay muffler that sounds pretty decent and is not overbearing. Most are copies of the Agency Power design.

Good Luck!