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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
True some times and most often they do. Im not sure why so many people get upset that another persons car "sits" lol. Some people drive them, and others buy 10 FORD GT's....
You know you after reading your post I've decided that I want to be rich...

Nah but seriously I can see where the OP is coming from but the truth is that if you are in a financial situation where the cost of owning an exotic is inconsequential then you can concentrate on the aspects of the car that appeal to you, weather it is from a pure performance perspective or a symbolic point of view or just because you like the rims. In this state of mind the ownership is worth it and then an M3 is not necessarily as good as it gets.

Take me for example when I bought my 1st M3 I was in a financial situation where it was not irresponsible to buy it but the cost was not inconsequential. I got in a state of mind that closely matches what you described towards exotics... I could just not completely relax with it. I eventually learned to live with it and enjoy it for what it was but the feeling was always there. I compare myself to some people in this forum and because they were in a better financial situation they could enjoy the car and be totally happy with it.

But I agree an M3 is a very balanced car in terms of attributes and after it the returns do diminish greatly for the cost.