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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Got the car back from the dealer, all updated with the latest ECU SW and DSC SW. From the first hundred yards after some nice oversteer out of the dealer lot, I could tell the car was faster, better, more responsive.

They did this update to fix a SES with a throttle valve actuator error code. I wonder if it's the same type of trouble that has seen a few forum members replace the throttle actuators, at $800 a pop. If BMW thinks they can cure this with SW, it may be a cheaper alternative.

If you have the chance to get this update, based on my experience i say don't hesitate.
They tried that with me over the summer. I had a SES related to the throttle actuator. Dealer insisted on updating the software first because they claimed it had cleared up the same issue in some cases. All was well for about 5 days after the update, but the car started throwing the same code again and I had to go in for the replacement.