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Originally Posted by rodi View Post
definitely go with the newer generation cameras (mark 3 or 6D).

the difference between these two are build quality (most noticeable) and "luxury" features.
I agree.

image quality aside, you already mention you want higher burst, so I feel like the 5dmkIII is calling out to you.

I've never touched the 6D just yet, but I am in love with my 5dmkIII. I do use a battery grip on mine so its a bit larger; but that doesn't matter to me. without the grip, it still feels great in your hands (pinky finger doesn't roll off the camera or feel squished). You'll get your shots with either camera and there shouldn't be any excuses. I don't really care much for some of the other features that the 6D holds (like GPS & wifi) but thats cause my work hasn't called for those things.

You mentioned that you're a student. If you're on budget, then the 6D is great IMO (I don't see why the 11 point focus for you would hold you back). 61 is great of course, but ask yourself if you really NEED this for what you are doing or what you plan on doing. I don't know if you're planning to pursue a professional career in photography, but the 6D will get the work done. if you're going to be covering events like weddings, then the extra fps is well welcomed.

I say get the 6D, but it can only be more beneficial to go to the 5DmkIII. that is if it doesnt cost you an arm and a leg.
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