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¡Viva España!
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The reason there is a speed limit in the USA is because people here CANT drive and dont practice good safe driving habits, like in Germany.
Germans are the only people in the world that actually know how to drive.

People here very rarely use their turn/lane change signals, they expect other drivers to read their minds I guess.
I always make room for people that put their blinkers on. If you dont have the time to put it on, then you can stay where you are at.

People dont know their left from their right I guess (left lane hoggers/think they own the left lane), so they stay in the left lane, which is the PASSING lane, which force people to pass on the right and causes accidents.
Its not hard people, you pass, then you get over.

The fact is people do NOT care enough about each other to respect other drivers. SAD... VERY sad.
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