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The Direction of the Country


A great read and a must for any young person...written by a Frenchman in the 1800's pondering how democracy as envisioned by the founding fathers of America can be perverted into socialism, communism and eventually collapse.

Cliff Notes:

The law was set in place by our founding fathers to protect us from foreign influence (Military), From each other (civil authorities) and to facilitate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (state governments to promote free trade, roads/bridges/infrastructure to create better quality of life etc...)

Taxes are assessed from citizens to fund these three principles because everyone benefits from them.

When the government begins to collect taxes and use them for things that only isolated groups benefit from then the act is by definition 'plundering'

When a government begins to plunder its very hard to regress from its ways because the people who are benefiting are removed from the responsibility to ever take care of it for themselves again.

A couple scenarios that are discussed:
Public Education: "my child is falling behind, the school/teachers are to blame"

Welfare: "I can work 30hrs a week in retail/services or collect govt welfare and not work and enjoy the same quality of life"

The responsibility that is being relieved:
It's the parents responsibility to work with/motivate/ensure their children are properly educated but the govt offers the lowest common denominator which some people are willing to accept.

It's the individual's responsibility to work and provide for themselves and their family but the govt offers a path of least resistance to fulfilling that responsibility if citizens are willing to accept a lower standard of living.

After Responsibility is relieved then dependence and expectation ensues (entitlement): welfare, healthcare, public education, higher education, guaranteed jobs...plundering of the tax payers dollars.

The country can only move in one direction because once entitlements are received they cannot be taken away without a revolution/revolt. The problem is, the system is unsustainable and will inevitably bankrupt which will in-turn lead to revolution/revolt (Greece).

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