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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
I don't think speeding once in a while qualifies anybody automatically as a poor driver. Just don't drive like an ass clown.
Nah I think it does.

And again, I'm no different. On smaller roads where the legal speed limit is < 60 MPH, I'll travel at minimum 5-10 MPH over the limit and I'll occasionally drive even faster.

On 60 MPH freeways, I'm driving at minimum 10 MPH over (70).

On major interstate highways, it's not unusual for me to drive 85-90 MPH minimum when the legal speed limit is 70 (i.e. 15-20 over). I'll occasionally flirt with 100 MPH+ when the roads are clear.

The thing here is that I absolutely identify myself as a "poor" driver. I know I'm a poor driver even though I'll only speed "once in a while." I liken my need to speed to an addiction. I know it's wrong and I know that even speeding "once in a while" is irresponsible and unfair to those who follow the rule of law (who am I to excessively exceed the speed limit when others are following the law?) but it's been extremely difficult for me to change my ways.

I literally feel like I get withdrawal symptoms when I try and force myself to constantly follow the flow of traffic. Usually I'll last a couple of days of being a good driver but eventually I'll go into what I call "douche" mode and speed (occasionally and only when there isn't any traffic, but this isn't a good excuse - I still think this constitutes poor driving).