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Originally Posted by Invadermoose View Post
Might buy myself a Christmas present this year

I dont want exhaust on my car unless its valvetronic, because sometimes I want it to be silent, but I also dont want to spend 6,000 on pipes. Cutouts seem great for me. Loud when you want, quiet when you want, what's not to love?

I'm wondering if any of you guys have electronic cutouts and how you like them? Do they actually make the car sound nicer, or do they just make it more obnoxious? I dont want to be loud for the sake of being loud, I want my car to actually sound good too. I have an E93 so I'm pretty excited to put exhaust on the car. What do you guys think of these for an M3?
Just buy an Akra slip-on when you are ready. More power, not too loud and very nice sound with the top down. I have had this system and it is wonderful. I have now switched to a valuetronic step up and yes it is expensive. Not sure about cut-outs on this car, but it sounded good on my Camero when I was 16!