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Originally Posted by belyzel4 View Post

I probably won't track too much, once or twice a year at the most. I do like going on canyon rides though and although the 335is is great fun on them, I can only imagine the difference on the M3.
Just keep the IS.....

I had an E92 335 and M3..... (both 6M)

I don't track, I don't race and I don't heavily mod my cars....

Unlike what all the M3 lovers will tell you in here (V8, LSD, brakes, suspension & etc) ....335 is a great car. I preferred driving the 335 much more in the city over the M3. I am one of those people who can care less about the LSD or how high the V8 revs..... 335i was just fine on Seattle's rainy roads and as a daily driver the cost of M3 doesn't justy the price difference IMO....

M3 (or the 335) was not my daily driver and it was just a weekend / road trip car. I am a detail freak so both of the cars were polished up and were in showroom condition when I sold them.... But if I were to pick in between the two as a single daily driver, I would choose the 335 for sure.

Yes, M3 is an amazing car but its uniqueness, performance, suspension and brakes come mainly in use on track. If you don't track your car (or track once a year) the cost difference and the hit your are going to take on the IS won't really justify the move. Not to mention the frikin horrible fuel economy on the M3.

I am planning on getting the 440 1st when it comes out and will buy a M4 during its 2nd production year.....

If you want an M car..... just keep the IS and get the M4 when it becomes avail..... 335IS is a pretty darn good car.
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