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Originally Posted by IL8Apex View Post
How important is the E30 M3?

Granted that car was made in significantly smaller numbers, I think the E9x will have a similar cache, in 20 years.

If BMW continues to make turbo M3s for the next 3 generations, and the poorly-maintained E9x M3's get weeded out due to age, we will see our cars held in a similarly high regard in the future.

I'm keeping this car for the next 2 decades and we'll see what happens.

trying to compare the two is silly. the e30 m3 was a brilliant success at doing something different as a homologation vehicle and was arguably the most successful touring car ever. the fat pig e9x not so much. will it be a desirable in the future? only time will tell. i wouldn't want to deal with 20 plus year old tech that is temperamental now.