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Originally Posted by NemesisX View Post
Unfortunately from my experience the vast vast majority of people who frequent car enthusiast forums (like this one, and I'm including myself) are not very good drivers.

I drive aggressively from time to time and I know it makes me a poor driver. I keep telling myself that I should change, but the problem is that being a truly "good" driver would render daily driving sporty/sports cars utterly useless.

How many porsche owners accelerate smoothly, slowly, and predictably off the line 100% of the time? How many porsche owners drive at exactly the speed of general traffic flow (usually within +/- 5 MPH of the speed limit) 100% of the time?

Almost none, I'd wager. If you own a car like that, chances are you're going to "let loose" once in a while and drive aggressively on public roads.

Again, I'm no different, but I do recognize that these traits make us poor drivers.
This list had more to do with communicating with other drivers. We all do road shanigans from time to time...just don't do them around other people. I tend to drive 9 over the speed limit but then double the (yellow) speed limit on off ramps.