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Originally Posted by MStar View Post
I love posts like these because it demonstrates how no one reads threads before posting..

FYI....YES you can do some hurt besides crossing the cables, the damage is not always to the battery, and sometimes the fault lies in the other cars electronic system nothing to do with "knowing how to do it" guess what?...when cabled up to another means its your car's electronic system as you guys understand the basics of electronic circuitry?..

I really question how many people "say" they would help and how many people actually would.. in a real world scenario...well I guess you all know who you are.

Here it is..the proper way to jump a car safely is with a battery pack..anything else and you are rolling the dice...END THREAD/////
+1 /thread. Battery Packs FTW
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Originally Posted by ES_TRADER
Use the stick like u would a manual. If that doesn't work, put it in D mode and put both hands at 10 and 2. If that doesn't work, just sit on your right hand.