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Originally Posted by signes View Post
TxStig, thanks for agreeing to do this (glad I asked!) Please post up your Paypal info when you're ready (happy to pay in advance if that would help.)
Thanks for the offer, but I will cover the inital costs to save confusion and want to make absolutely sure everybody is happy with the price the ergonomics and stuff before I start asking for payments and shipping stuff out. As I said I should be ready to order in a week or two pending next weeks testing. Right now I think the finger space is a little small ergonomically however, making it taller may result in more difficulty on the back coils? I also had an idea for a much simpler version but it wouldn't look as pretty! I may try to work on that design too and see how people feel.

After that I expect them to be ready in two-three weeks. However my machinist is pretty quick so we shall see.

I do promise to try my hardest getting these out, but everybodies patience would be appreciated.

I am thinking about trying to get them polished and up to snuff cosmetically. A real finished product...

Thanks again.

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