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Originally Posted by Optherion
OP, Have any of you actually owned a Ferrari, Lambo, or anything that is a one off platform supercar for that matter? That is an entirely different ball park. I partly agree and partly disagree.

Op, I can see where you are coming from, but I have to laugh inside after owning a Carrera GT, Ford GT, 458, GT3, M6, a 360 CS and a few e92 M3's. Some people want exotic sports cars and some are happy with something in the middle the does everything. The only thing I could possibly agree on is driving the Carrera GT. I literally got so tired of every stop light and being constant attention. If I had the roof off the car or even the windows down someone would ask "what car is that?" "How much did you pay for it?" Constant stares and too much attention. I got the windows tinted, and I almost hated to take it out because of every valet lusting to drive it. I would worry at dinner. It drove me nuts.

Even in the GT-R I get that. It will get annoying time and time again. I think that is why the M5 and AMG model cars really appeal to me now. However, if I look back on it, those were the BEST cars I have ever owned, and I wouldnt regret it. The 458 I also took on the track once and regret it because of the front end being completely rock chipped now.

You dont look at costs/usage factor. I recently asked my business partner how much it costs every time we flew on his private plane to Vegas. Well, factor in fuel and pilot hours and you have a number. But wait a minute, hold up right there. What about storage costs? Inspections, maintenance, fuel that goes bad from sitting or gets moisture, hourly flight inspections, insurance, hanger storage. You come to realize it costs about $25,000 a month just to keep whether you flew 5 hours or 0. Some things you, can not look at the cost because to him it saves us time. That one time we use it a month gives him complete enjoyment, ease of planning, relaxation and convenience. Yes, he dreads having to think that he might have only used the plane once that month and cost $30,000 but his mind set is in the %0.0001

Having the means to buy something and not buying it is the most respect I have for people. Some close friends are multimillionaires and billionaires. They are the wealthiest people in our country, and probably some of the cheapest too. If you drove the car and didn't enjoy it, then its not for you. If you constantly look at the price everyday as my father does with his vette wondering if he should trade it in or keep it, then sports cars are probably not your thing. But if it is your dream car then go for it. Get it. You will either enjoy it or you will let it sit. Lets not even go into the numerous amounts of race cars I have totaled without insurance lol. A story for another time.

Funny analogy I heard a guy say on here about swapping his M3 for a Porsche. Horsepower and car shopping is like shopping for TV's. We always want the biggest TV or bad ass theater system. No one buys the biggest screen and takes it home to wonder what the smaller one is like. But when you buy the smaller one, you will always wonder what the bigger size is like

So no, the M3 is not as good as it gets and very far from it.
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