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Originally Posted by karussell View Post
glad you are ok. something grinding through the caliper body long enough to put a hole in it without you noticing until failure sounds pretty unlikely though. if there is that much friction you would feel it and likely smell it. plenty of cars run with minimum clearance between caliper and wheel. just need to get a sheet of paper clearance. still in racing shit happens. proof in pictures would go a long way. otherwise sounds like maybe you were going too fast for your experience and/or condition of the car. doesn't help that you picked up a friend right before.
I was thinking the same thing did i make a misstake? , everything happens realy fast when you are going 200+ and have sharp right turn in front of you.
But they showed me at the BMW shop afterwords how the brake fluid flushed out of a hole in the left brake caliper .
Actually felt good to know that it wasn´t my fault , just bad luck.
I have a crappy iphone movie of the fluid flushing out when pressing the brake pedal, i might post it later
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