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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post

The real divide in this country is not the racial or class politics you see above. It's the outdated attitudes and a refusal to accept change you see represented in this kind of post.
you nailed it dude. china has the 2nd largest gdp in the world, and the eu's gdp is at america's level. while america still has the most powerful military (on paper), enough nations can cause enough damage (i.e. russia, england etc) where it's beginning to be a moot point.

what we have is an aging post-ww2 white ruling class that believes america is the world's cop just because it's america. that sense of entitlement that reaches out to "help" but fails to include.

the table's getting bigger, and frankly, i like it. my family's been through a revolution: never fully trust 1 state.