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Originally Posted by ///Machine View Post
Yeah, the M3 has a way of sticking into our brains. Not too long ago there was a review posted here that said the arguments or pros for having the M3 are always emotional ones. Even this thread doesn't mention 0-60 or 1/4 mile times. It's all about the emotion felt when you work yourself towards (and play around) the redline.

I had an E93 for 6 months in 2011, but due to family/job situation the sensible thing to do was to pass it on to a new happy owner. So I loved it and lost it. I think about that car every day I drive.
Now things have changed and I'll be on the market for a new one soon. I'm undecided whether E92 or E93 - but love'm both.
That sounds so similar to having someone go away for a long time. It's amazing the emotional attachment we can have to these mechanical beauties!

Originally Posted by MY13E92M3 View Post
Could not agree more!

Having a 335 back in 2009 and now with 2013 M3, I wish I had just got the
M3 from the start.

It's a totally different car! I will never be able to take my car on a track (as we do not have one in HI,) but I still enjoy every second with her (driving or standing still.) Pure eye candy for the eyes, ears, heart, and soul.

What made me pull the trigger on my unexpected purchase of my M3 was that the new body style is ugly, inside and out (worse than an Audi.) Also, I wanted a true M V8, not with turbos or whatnot.

If you're going to make a poor financial decision, this is car to make it with! IMHO it's worth every penny I don't have!

I probably won't track too much, once or twice a year at the most. I do like going on canyon rides though and although the 335is is great fun on them, I can only imagine the difference on the M3.

Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
it seems like making the switch to the m3 would be tough financially otherwise you wouldn't be asking a forum of people what to do. i would say do the smart thing but if your financial situation is fine then yes go with the m3. having said that i think the 335is is a great car. obviously not an m3 but in its own right it's an impressive machine
Purchasing the M3 wouldn't be a huge financial burden, it's more of the fact that outside of my love of driving cars I am a big penny pincher. I am just having some conflict between my emotions and logical thinking. I might mix and mash the two and somehow get a same year M3 as my 335is. This way I can save money and just assume the M3 would end up where its at now had I driven it from the get go.