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Originally Posted by Peahi View Post
My 6mt zcp w m perf was 63k from Ryan at Steve Thomas. The local dealers werent even on the radar pricewise, and their 335is's were priced high into m3 range. I think u could have reached for an m3 with a good deal. He isn't the number 1 m3 dealer in the country by accident.

Like others have said, sell your car ASAP for highest value, before dings and crap set in. Then order the exact car u wanted and WAIT patiently.

You don't want to live your life trying to rationalize why you're not driving the car you really wanted.
The M3 they had at the dealership in Thousand Oaks was actually priced very well. It was around 72k with all the options I cared about, it's just I didn't know if I would still have my bargaining room if I would just all of a sudden jump to a new car for a purchase.

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every time I see one of these threads I'm glad I didn't make the "rational" decision
No kidding there! I guess I was happy enough back then to be joining the BMW family.

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i started looking for a 335,couldn't find any used ones ones with a manual trans,and adjusted my thinking to an m3.i am so glad i did.once you open yourself up to the possibility of getting an m3,you will be sorry if you don't.if you are a true car guy,just tell yourself we only live once,and why always wish you had done's only a material thing,but it's a way of letting yourself enjoy life.

as others on here told me when i was considering both,a 335 makes more sense,it has more torque around town and gets better gas mileage.the m3,though,is poetry in motion one guy said.that's the phrase that stuck in my has a large number of improvements that the m division did over the 335,and you can feel's not just a trim package.some very skilled engineers took a 335,and put a huge amount of time and effort into making it can exceed the stats with mods,but can't duplicate the feel.the motor is not just high-revving,it's phenomenal.go through a turn with it at 6000 rpm,and then blast it up to the 8400 rpm redline as you come out of the turn.that's worth the price of admission right this suspension review,and you can see the level of detail on just this one area-

it has near supercar performance in a practical but tough-looking body.i have bought the wrong thing before,and wasted money to end up with the right thing,and was damn glad i did in the end.
That was a great article! That explains a lot about the differences between an M and a normal 3'er. I'm very eager to my butt into the high revving engine at this point.