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Originally Posted by mhabs View Post
Another way to look at it is wait until 2014 and see what the new M3 sedan (instead of the M4) has in store...may end up being worth the wait after all and you "amortize" your 335is in the meantime. The new 3 series has quite a bit more room vs the E9x version and would actually be practical for a family of 4. A test drive of the new 335i may also give you (or esp your wife) wife a good sense of what a slightly larger car feels like. I have a family of 4 and the E9x is actually pretty practical (esp if the kids are 12 yrs old and below), but having driven the F30 328i, can see how that practicality would increase somewhat (in sense of fitting full sized adults in the rear).
A F80 M3 would actually be practical for us, but I believe if I can wait for the F80 M3 I could probably pull through and wait for the F82. Once the family gets going I am going to completely separate the daily from the weekend car as it just seems to make more sense.

Originally Posted by Brucewonder View Post
The V8 is enough reason to make the change. But for me, i always wanted to own an M3. Top bread of the 3er's. yes that does mean alot to me ahah
The V8 was the primary reason I didn't even consider the M3. Though I know I already spent an exorbitant amount on the 335is, I still couldn't wrap myself around spending the extra money every month for gas.

Originally Posted by Xtopherus View Post
This is an interesting statement. The M4 comes out in what, about two years from now? That's a long time to wait. I just got my M3 but I wondered the same thing: what if the M4 is better? It probably will be in many respects, but that's a long time to wait to find out. Plus it sounds like you'll be looking at an M5 by that time anyway.

If you really want an M3, you should probably look at getting top dollar for your 335is right now. It's a fairly rare and desirable car, consider listing it privately for a good price and sell it if you can find a buyer. It's only going to lose value over time as you increase the mileage or possibly pick up some dings. If it sells (and you have another vehicle for a few months), place an order for your M3 and feel good about getting what you really want without having to take a terrible loss on the 335is.
I'm going to CarMax soon to get a reliable quote and then I'll probably private party the car for 5-6g more. Selling the car before the F32's start showing up would probably be a good idea.