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Originally Posted by dr335is View Post
It was soooo obvious it will end exactly this way...
Yup, I lamented it weeks ago. Ironically, the very thing that should cause him to be punished (mismanaging the economy so that there are millions more on food stamps today than when he took office), is the very thing that got him re-elected.

If you force more folks into the poorhouse, (and the foodstamp count is just one of many possible metrics to prove this is happening), and then make them dependant on big government, then if you run against someone who wants to reduce the size of government, well, guess who is gonna support you?

Hate to sound like a stuck record, but: "Any plan that calls for taking from Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Paul". And if the people who fall into the Paul camp are growing at a much faster rate, and everyone's vote counts the same, then the outcome is very predictable.

Of course the left was so busy keeping Romney out they forgot to vote Democrat Congressmen in, so the House is still controlled by the Republicans, so we'll have 4 more years of gridlock. (a popular vote of almost 50/50 is hardly a decisive mandate to change how they do things). Then, in 2016, even MORE folks than today will be on food stamps, and whoever is running for the left will get in again.

If you are rejoicing at Obama's win, here's a hint to not spoil your mood: dont look at your 401K; so far in today's trading, the Dow has taken it's biggest drop in a year in response to the election results.

I guess the Harvard Business School grads who run Wall Street dont agree that it's mathematically possible to spend your way out of debt, after all....