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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Alright, so where is the issue then? You wanna mod on a budget simply wait until the new models are out. If you wanna mod the current model you pay the premium for parts. I think that's a solid and fair choice... no one is forcing you to upgrade anything. It's not like the car requires you to upgrade in order to enjoy it.

I agree with you that things are pretty expensive, but you gotta pay to play. And again, in the end, these cars hardly need any modifications in order to have fun with them.
right, that's kind of my point. I do like to complain, but just cause we drive M3 doesn't mean we like to throw money around. I work my ass off, and for some vendors justification of pricing is just wrong. I'd rather be told, "oh you drive an m3? Price just went up about 1k" than the whole mantra of why pricing is what it is.