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I live on earth thanks. And I have been very successful w/ in m world. My point is that in business ( i deal w/ paying people for services) every business owner I come across wants me to foot the bill for their lights/electric/overhead which are the costs of running a business. Not saying you can't charge a premium, but telling people years later that you're still paying for R&D which has been accomplished years ago or time and time again is not right.

read again; I am not discounting someone making a profit; I am; however, arguing the point that all you hear is, "oh it's R&D, I need to charge and bang you over the head". Sad part is half the people hear are sheep and just drop their cars off to a shop to get all the work done and pick it up and gladly pay a bill. Companies will charge the most they can willfully get, so in essence people in this community add to the problem as they are willing to spend it. You guys really think an X-pipe has tons of R&D and is worth $1,500?? C'mon, it's sad. I know from experience and have done ALL the work on my own car. Many others gladly pay for services as they couldn't change their own oil.

My point to this rant is that the BMW and specifically M tax is getting ridiculous w/ little justification.

Again its demand as well, people will charge X amount as long as they're are people they're willing to spend it.

And bringing up the 911 comparo is not correct. I am talking more along the lines of A/M companies/parts