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M3 crash

I was on a track day with professional drivers as instructors a month ago and I had done at least 30 laps without any issues, all braking points where set. I took a short brake and picked up a passenger and after a warm up lap I hit the gas. In the end of the straight ( doing 205km/h gps) I smashed the brake pedal at the braking point and to my big surprise the pedal just hit the floor.
After being airborne for 20 meters I was able to drift the car in a short turn to the right over the sand trap and was able to get up on the asphalt again, but in a 4 wheel drift, I hit the concrete barrier on the right side in a right turn doing app 130-140 km/h, bounced out and slides across the track for 60 meters.
If I had failed to make the right turn I would have hit a barrier in almost 200 km/h and that would probably been the end of the story..

So what happened, I had a very tight fit between the brake caliper and the inside of the wheel ,and something must have been stuck between the caliper and the wheel which caused a hole in the caliper and the brake fluid just flushed out, never heard of something similar before.
Be careful out there….shit happens
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