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Originally Posted by Roman@ESS View Post
We have worked to keep pricing as low as we can to date. Last I checked our current mix offers some of the best performance value for the dollar on the market. We continue to find more cost effective ways to build the parts we make in house and negotiate pricing on the parts we do not like the blowers. When we are successful at doing this we pass the savings to our customers. We know that cars get older and cheaper and we have to always find ways to deliver a very high quality product at reasonable pricing.

The E46 M3 kits for example sells now for thousands less than it did years ago, it took time but over the years we were able to lower our production costs on it and we continue to even today.

Price lowers as the car ages and becomes more affordable and now adjustments are made to the "newer" clientel who is purchasing the car. This is economies of scale simply put. Same reason why an e46 is cheaper now than it was a few years ago. Yes you SC kits are the most affordable; but nothing is cheap on these platforms and I still think 10k for a SC is a wee bit high priced.. .And don't give me the whole paying for a buisness and r&d blah blah blah... that is the cost of doing business (overhead) and should be absorbed by the business and not passed to consumer. I deal w/ this shit on a daily basis and always tell guys to pound sand when they ask me for more money due to their location which costs money to maintain.