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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
Doh! a Double Obammy.

I think many people have illusions of grandeur in thinking their jobs, their personal finances, and their security is soley dependent on one man. If it's true, then what does it say about the way our country is set up? Is that the country our founders intended, especially after fleeing a monarchy government?

I personally don't think the economy we're in is the result of George Bush or Obama. The USA is in for some hard times and people have a difficult time accepting that. It's easier to point the finger at one person than examine the real reasons and face reality. People spend money like its post-war times, yet our current GDP growth isn't what it was during post-war times. Eventually reality will catch up and nasty economic repercussions will occur. Hello and welcome to reality.
Actually it's quite the opposite, most of those with "illusions" are those without jobs and personal finances whom voted for this man because he gives them things, cellphones, foodstamps, etc. and they thank him personally instead of us the taxpayers footing the bill..

While the economy is not the direct result of the President in charge, the economy and recoveries can be greatly influenced by the right leader in charge, aka Clinton, Reagan, JFK.

Culturally the divisive partisan nature of Obama's hatred forebodes badly for America's future and it's idealism, he won this campaign by painting Romney as a murderer and a tax cheat, instead of articulating a positive vision for the future.

The stock market's decline today is all a reaction to Obama's win.

Fasten your seat belts folk you just committed financial suicide with your selection yesterday, I will be fine as my company always thrives during recessions better than through the good times, I wish you as much luck..