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Originally Posted by Maestro
Ask the student with 4 yr degrees and do not have a job what their degrees are in. You would be amazed what students and parents are willing to pay top dollars for. These people deserve not to work, they got degree in things that companies do not hire people for knowing 4 more years of learning.

I have been saying this for a long time and I told my son this, If the degree does not show up in a job description he is not going to study it. School should not be allow to offer a degree unless lots of companies require that skill. I told my son he is either going to get a business degree or engineer, those degrees will get you a job. Lots of Jobs require either of these backgrounds.

I got a friend who is allowing one kid to get an English degree and his other kid a Spanish degree, and now he is wondering what kind of jobs they will get. Those two will be part of the 50% who can not find a job. If they do find something it will not pay well and it will not require what they learned in the 4 yr degree.

It is not the government's or anyone in government fault we have idiots choosing degrees that no one will hire them to do for them full time.
I can name 5 people i know right now w business degrees, internships and no chance at a job after looking for over a year. Go figure... right... My friend graduated in '06 and lived in a different reality... one where he could choose from 10 jobs.