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For the rattle that sounded as though it were in front of the driver, I had the dealer replace the turn stalk as they said the button at the end of the stalk was loose and it was a semi-common problem. The next time you hear the rattle/buzzing, hold the end of the signal stalk to see if that is the culprit. They also replaced a rotor shield that you could hear buzzing when the windows were down.

For the backseat rattles, I've attributed one of them to the covers that protect the child seat latches, I opened the covers and the sound went away.

Also had a rattle that sounded as though it was coming from the glove box, but found it to be a cupholder issue. A rubber nipple on a mounting point on the cupholder that goes into the glove box was missing, put some electrical tape around it and that seemed to fix it.

Still have a backseat rattle that sounds as though its coming from the passenger side and an occasional drivers side B pillar rattle that I can't isolate.

Rattles drive me crazy!