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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
4. Total control over the gearbox can still only be had with a true manual.
5. I bought my M3 purely for pleasure. I have no actual need for it whatsoever, so I wanted the car that would simply be the most fun.
6. For seasoned manual drivers, there is just a supreme sense of satisfaction in firing off the perfect shift.
Total control, most fun, satisfaction - exactly.

Even though I daily mine, you could also say I bought mine purely for pleasure - visual, tactile and aural. I end up using it for many purposes, but there were dozens of other cheaper and more practical options I could have gone with that could have served me better as a commuting appliance. The feeling this car gives me was at the top of my list, however, and the more involved I am with the car, the greater the feeling.
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