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Originally Posted by ASAP View Post
Easier said than done when the economy is completely in the shitter and the current President has done little to nothing to improve it. If you think jobs are back... you are delusional.
You do not want the government trying to fix the economy when they do we end up with what we have. If we can get Wall Street from tearing companies apart by making them doing dumb things then our economy will grow. Companies cut jobs and other things just to get their balance sheet to look like what Walls Street thinks is important.

Do not believe me, look at Apple and what Wall Street is doing to their stock just because they feel Apple is not meeting some stupid metric they deem important. However, Apple continues to put more money than any other company into the bank. Wall street is driving the stock down to punish them in spite of them making products people want to buy.

Keeping the government and Walls Street out of the pants of companies then good company will survive and bad one will die. Verses Wall street killing the good ones and the government saving the bad one.