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Originally Posted by jdemetry
I had a modified 335 before my M3. My 335 had dinan suspension, wavetrac lsd and tune and several other mods. The lsd was great, loved the dinan suspension, but after a year with the M3, with no mods, i have zero regrets. Where the m3 really shines is on the t track, with the engine screaming and the beautifully balanced (and more stable) chassis, the m3 it's phenomenal. I'm not sure it would be much faster than the 335is modded, but it's more rewarding, more solid, has better seats, better rubber, better steering, better resale than modded 335, i could go on and on.

Worth the money? Depends on your financial situation, but if I could have afforded the M3 when i bought the 335, i would have bought it and I'd have more money and would have been much happier today. Hind site I'd 20/20 I guess.

BTW, my M3, ZCP, 6MT, leather, was only 59k, brand new. Not sure if you saved much money getting the 335is plus mods.
My 6mt zcp w m perf was 63k from Ryan at Steve Thomas. The local dealers werent even on the radar pricewise, and their 335is's were priced high into m3 range. I think u could have reached for an m3 with a good deal. He isn't the number 1 m3 dealer in the country by accident.

Like others have said, sell your car ASAP for highest value, before dings and crap set in. Then order the exact car u wanted and WAIT patiently.

You don't want to live your life trying to rationalize why you're not driving the car you really wanted.