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Might Lease M3 Coupe, coming from VW

hey, i am on my friends name here.

im coming from a 2010 vw gti 2 door 6spd. i am full stage 2 and stanced. i am about 270whp. i absolutely love my car. i have always wanted an M and love my friends 335i but not enough to make the switch, its M or staying with gti. my current payment on the gti is $415/month over 60 months, i still owe roughly 10k on the car, it has 70k miles and is a basic model, no sunroof etc.

i am 25 years old and just feel like the BMW is a step up and and more appealing to me.

a friend of mine works for bmw and he gave me rough numbers and said might be some more wiggle room in there. i drive alot so i would need a higher mileage lease. i only want basic options for the car. this is what he received from his sales manager..

M3 coupe
white exterior
red interior
only option is heated seats
36 month lease

$5000 down total $816
$6000 down total $786
$7000 down total $756
$8000 down total $726

total price is $64k and change

thats all the info i got from him as of now, will update more when i talk to him

how do these numbers look so far? any other info i should know when negotiating? i suck at negotiating but play poker for a living so can keep a straight face

thank you