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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Think in what type of car you drive and how much hp.....???
Your car only contact point with the road is.....yes....your tires !!!
I'm driving now more than 30 years high performance cars .....and i have
see things.....believe me !!!
So i prefer to invest a few hunderd Dollars(in my case Euro's) more in
a good tire...and i can read tires tests !!!
And think.... also about how many costs a accident with a ///M3 ???
Not to mention that an accident can be fatal due to a poor tire choise !!
That's why.....i am not agreed !!!
100% Agreed, on a car making 400+HP, tires are not something you want to skimp on

Tires are not just all about grip when are just as important for braking..