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Originally Posted by Sick335 View Post
After reading all 6 pages of comments it's quite clear... None of you are aware that IT IS possible for a person(man or woman) with brains to open, run, and expand their own business in Russia, therefor being successful and wealthy... The "children of oligarchs, thiefs, drug lords and arms dealers" take up less than 1% of wealthy people, in almost any sophisticated country.
x2, I hate when people offend a whole country or society based on a particular event, I don't know how anybody can jump to that conclusion by this accident. to think that every russian with a nice car is a drug lord or something just because a couple of guys had an accident it's not logic and of bad taste. people should start avoiding that kind of irresponsible ethnocentrism, specially in a forum where there's people from the whole globe.

it also amazes me how anybody that have a car accident instantly becomes a moron, c'mon guys it can happen to any of us. if you are driving by the book and someone in the group makes a mistake and your car gets crashed are you a moron? I don't think so, so why do you need to offend every driver in the convoy by calling them a moron or stupid? are you that accidentproof?

regarding the crash itself,and according to the little info provided by the videos,I think that the e34 was going to pass trough the right so he should've checked that lane which he obviously didn't so he's the one to blame. the m3 was going fast but the e34 recklessly took his lane so the e46 did his best to maneuver and I really doubt that anyone could've made a better job out of skills, unless he's a professional driver which most people here aren't.
still, hope everyone's ok, specially the people in the subaro as they are mere victims of other people fun.
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