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Unfortunately from my experience the vast vast majority of people who frequent car enthusiast forums (like this one, and I'm including myself) are not very good drivers.

I drive aggressively from time to time and I know it makes me a poor driver. I keep telling myself that I should change, but the problem is that being a truly "good" driver would render daily driving sporty/sports cars utterly useless.

How many porsche owners accelerate smoothly, slowly, and predictably off the line 100% of the time? How many porsche owners drive at exactly the speed of general traffic flow (usually within +/- 5 MPH of the speed limit) 100% of the time?

Almost none, I'd wager. If you own a car like that, chances are you're going to "let loose" once in a while and drive aggressively on public roads.

Again, I'm no different, but I do recognize that these traits make us poor drivers.